Team Al Zain

As time progressed, Al Zain grew. The company started to be recognised and the family name 'Al Zain' and 'jewellery' became synonymous as one.  Al Zain's locations had multiplied and so had its staff. It was making itself known in jewellery exhibitions around the region. This swift expansion also meant that Nabeel could not be everywhere at once to oversee things. Not before long, Nabeel's wife Samar Algosaibi joined the team and started working alongside Mohammed Hassan. Samar's main priority was to support her husband. But her helping hand turned into a passion for jewellery design, which turned into an education. She started studying diamonds and became certified in gemology. She became heavily involved with the manufacturing and worked closely with the factory. Mohammed Hassan, who had started out as a part time accountant for Al Zain, simultaneously developed a strong bond with Nabeel as well as his passion for the industry. Nabeel became reliant on him and put him on board full time. His time served at Al Zain has given him expertise that superseded any jewellery degree. With both Samar and Mohammed working side-by-side, one served as Nabeel's right hand, the other as his left. Together they drove the company into its next stages of evolvement.



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